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Bridge Repairs

Superior Sealcoat has been a leading bridge contractor since it evolved into the bridge sector of the roadway system. We specialize in the replacement of expansion joints, installation of waterproofing membranes and emendations repairs.

Superior Sealcoat installs the three specified systems by the Massachusetts Highway Department.

System 1 - The Coal Transmulsion reinforced with two plies of coated glass fabric.
System 2 - Thermoplastic Asphalt Membrane
System 3 - Preformed Sheet Membranes

We also install systems that are specified by NH DOT and RT DOT such as spray applied membranes and torch applied membranes.

High Friction Surfaces

High Friction surfaces which are chemically engineered, modified epoxy resin systems with a choice of colored stone aggregate are also applied as bridge deck wearing surfaces. These friction surfaces are used to improve skid resistance and reduce hydroplaning. They can also be used on crosswalks for safety enhancement.

Call 978-988-5555 for more information on bridge surface repair and enhancements in Wilmington MA.

Beginning stages of bridge repair repairing a bridge in the middle of the day
The process of reparing an old bridge An old bridge in need of repair

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