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Sealcoating Services That Restore Beauty and Longevity to Your Asphalt

Asphalt has a limited lifespan, and this is especially true in the harsh New England climate. With daily wear and tear from vehicles and pedestrians and changing weather conditions, the top layer of fine particles eventually begins to erode. In time, water seeps in and weakens the asphalt, which leads to small cracks in the surface. These cracks can develop into major defects such as potholes, resulting in costly repairs.

Defend Against Costly Repairs with Sealcoating

Sealcoating is the application of a protective emulsion over your asphalt pavement to seal and protect it from the elements. Sealcoating can double your pavement's life by safeguarding it from its mortal enemies: sun, water, oil, and gas. Not only does sealcoating restore a rich, black appearance and smoothness to your parking surface or roadway, it defends the asphalt against premature hardening, oxidation, cracking, erosion, and vegetation. With a fresh sealcoat, your pavement looks great and is safeguarded against costly maintenance costs and that’s good for your business.

Why Sealcoat Your Paved Surface?

  • Seals porous asphalt against damaging elements
  • Restores the attractive black satin finish of new asphalt
  • Shields against the drying and discoloring effects of UV rays
  • Resists gasoline, oil, sand, salt, and chemicals
  • Reduces maintenance costs significantly

Superior Sealcoat uses a sealcoat formula designed for Massachusetts’ tough weather conditions. This guarantees exceptional durability

Sealcoating Services That Won’t Throw a Wrench in Your Business

Commercial sealcoating by Superior Sealcoat can help you save thousands of dollars in asphalt resurfacing and replacement expenses. Our knowledgeable team works with you to develop a cost-effective plan to restore and maintain the beauty and functionality of your paved surface for years to come.

At Superior Sealcoat, flexibility is the cornerstone of every customer project. We know how important it is to keep traffic, customers, and employees moving in and out of your facility each day. Our sealcoating services can be tailored to your company’s unique scheduling needs so that any interruptions are minimal.

Has your commercial paved surface begun to show signs of deterioration or discoloration? Contact Superior Sealcoat today for a fast, free on-site sealcoating estimate, call 978-988-5555 or click to request an online estimate.

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