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Techcrete | Poly Patch

Poly Patch is a polymer repair mastic material designed for repairing cracks which are too large for Crack Sealing, and distressed surfaces that are too small for repaving. Poly Patch will seal distresses and remain flexible.

This versatile material is hot applied, pourable and a self-adhesive polymer modified asphalt binder containing selected aggregate with good load bearing and skid resistant characteristics.

Poly Patch is effectively used to level high manhole risers, depressed areas around inlets, bridge deck approaches, elevation discrepancies, utility cuts, ravelled paving joints and more. It should not be used in areas which exhibit poor drainage, or highly distressed areas in need of base repair.

Benefits of Poly Patch

  • A quick and permanent repair method
  • Flexible, load bearing and skid resistant repair material
  • Cost effective when used on proper candidates
  • Versatile applications

By partnering with Superior Sealcoat we can provide a full compliment of asphalt patching and repair services. Call 978-988-5555 today to receive more information or click to request an estimate online.

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